16 Aralık 2015 Çarşamba

Divine Tale

And now, i'm in the flesh
Pale skin, poor body, dead eyes
I, lady, died inside your hand
Your smoke skin ate me
You digged my grave,
Now i'm crawling on the pit
Not under yet, just on the pit
I saw hell, it was in your tears
I've been in heaven, it was between your arms
I saw the green light, between your legs
Now i'm thursty, you are too sadist
My blood is your tear
I bleed when you weep
An angel comes to earth
Spreads her wings on my head
Divine tales brought me to my milk
You are, my precious woman, my divine tale
Your smoke white skin is my heaven
Your red hair is my hell
I suffer in hell, because i can't touch the heaven
Your chest is grave yard of my lines
When you cry on my paper,
I use it as an ink
My lips are my pen
But my poem will never come to an end
Pen can't meet with paper
Can't cum on that skin, can't got it pregnant
Pregnant to a story
Story that contents blood
Contents orgasm, contents fear
Every inches of your brain
Every steps of my story
I stick my pen to the ground
You are too much for me
I'm just a simple metaphor collector
And you are my master-piece
A divine letter, written on leather
I can't touch to you sweetheart
My precious, sad whore
You are electricity, i'm a bird
When i touch to you;
my wings will explode
You are end of my story
The end that never comes to my steps

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